Friday, 24 April 2015

Today I found my way back to my sewing machine,ive not made anything for what seems to be forever.
I made this gorgeous cushion cover in a fabric called ''bacall' by laura Ashley ..
this is a size 20 x 20 inch cover~

I love the cover but I thought it was too big to be left plain,so I decided to stencil it .....

the stencil has seen better days if im honest as its been used on so many of my projects,,but for the parts that seem to be tricky { curved up letters } I used a pair of long handled craft tweezers..shown below...

the tweezers make things a lot easier by holding down the tricky parts while stippling around the rest of the letter...
you can use either masking tape or as I have ...pinned the stencil onto the fabric to avoid it moving around...

the cover looks lovely and will now be added to my endless collection of soft furnishings : )

25/04/15~ 11.35 am

ive just finished another cushion ,this time stencilled with ''paris'' ...really pleased with them both : )

Thursday, 23 April 2015

This is the latest colour ive chosen for my living room, yes im decorating again ..I have a huge passion for decorating ,especially painting,although I do get it everwhere,and always on the skirting boards.
I find myself having to re-paint them everytime I change the colour ..
and getting it in my hair too,,never a good look .
I have more than enough decorating to do throughout the eldest sons room is the only one that seems to have escaped me and my paintbrush..{il get him though,dont worry }

my youngest son who has severe autism and severe learning difficulties,will soon be in the biggest bedroom,which will be separated into 2 parts, sleeping and sensory .
in there I will be revamping a huge wardrobe which is gawd knows how old,
theres sooo many toys in the room hes in now its un-real.

my favourite styles of d├ęcor are ,French,victorian,heritage and rococo..
anything that's fancy really..
It also looks like il be getting a new bed / daybed pretty soon,as il be in the smallest bedroom,,then il have hardly any space for myself at all,but if that's what needs to be done then so be it
Sticking with the blue im finishing of the walls in my living room,
ive also revamped a couple of candlesticks and a lamp base to match .

I don't want to go all you can have too much of one colour I think .
the mirrors are back up ,and im now thinking of having a couple of shelves up somewhere,
I have a few pretty picture frames to display too.

                                     1,  these are the candlesticks before I painted them

2, the lamp base was just cream ,to match the shade.
3, this picture shows both candlesticks and lamp base revamped...
gorgeous colour.
 4, Remembered to take a pic of this little cherub at the last minute,
as you can see,it was a green before,now its halfway to a beautiful blue.

recently painted my living room { again} and last night I did the bottom of the stairs to match....
the paint is called { powder blue } by crown....
I still have the skirting boards and coving to finish off..but im pleased with it so far ...

          The ceiling rose also needs to be finished off as I did run out of ...paint but now ''restocked''


 The last pic shows the radiator cover that I refreshed...the fretwork had seen better I took it all off and covered it from the back with a staple gun ..really easy

hope these pictures gives you the inspiration to do your own big tip is to never be afraid of bold colours : ) xx