Thursday, 23 April 2015

This is the latest colour ive chosen for my living room, yes im decorating again ..I have a huge passion for decorating ,especially painting,although I do get it everwhere,and always on the skirting boards.
I find myself having to re-paint them everytime I change the colour ..
and getting it in my hair too,,never a good look .
I have more than enough decorating to do throughout the eldest sons room is the only one that seems to have escaped me and my paintbrush..{il get him though,dont worry }

my youngest son who has severe autism and severe learning difficulties,will soon be in the biggest bedroom,which will be separated into 2 parts, sleeping and sensory .
in there I will be revamping a huge wardrobe which is gawd knows how old,
theres sooo many toys in the room hes in now its un-real.

my favourite styles of d├ęcor are ,French,victorian,heritage and rococo..
anything that's fancy really..
It also looks like il be getting a new bed / daybed pretty soon,as il be in the smallest bedroom,,then il have hardly any space for myself at all,but if that's what needs to be done then so be it

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